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Free and Crowned's designer, Daira Curran, is happy to announce one-of-a-kind designs! Daira has a passion for making any special day or event unforgettable for you - from head to toe. 

What exactly does a custom order entail? A custom order can be ANY idea that you want to see come to life! Have a favorite outfit that you want a matching crown for? Have a Pinterest inspired idea that you would love to own? Have an event that needs that perfect accessory? Or maybe you just have a basic design and color in mind that you want to have created.... the power is in your hands! 

Custom orders can range from modified designs on the site, such as changing a bow, ribbon or headband color. Or, create a complete one-of-a-kind headband which can even includes bridal tiaras, veils, bridesmaids pieces, flower crowns for proms, maternity designs, newborn headbands, anniversaries, birthdays and more! 

Email Daira using this form with questions and ideas and she will get back with you with a quote so you can start creating your very own design!

Please get in touch!